多样式移门还是固定隔断墙呢?在我们raumplus这 里,这不是一个二选一的决定,因为这两个选项可以结合在一起而组成一个整体,看上去既有创意,同时又很协调。或者用移门作为厨房和餐厅之间的分隔线。当做 完饭时,移门打开,正好将准备区这一块地方长时间地挡在隔断墙的后面;或者用屋檐下面的静态墙壁和位于房屋里较高中心处的移门一起来构建成一个顶楼空间。 总之,有许多办法能营造出完美的混搭系统效果。

Under Pressure

If you want to succeed in your everyday life, you need to be able to stand up to pressure. When it comes to our doors and systems, we want to be able to guarantee this to you, so we regularly put our products to the test. Or you could say – we put our products under pressure. Sample constructions and functional endurance tests; load and comparative testing – they must continually prove their functionality, quality and durability. Here at raumplus we even test how vandal-proof they are. The result? Over the last three years the technical department alone has carried out some 1.25 million test cycles and our sliding doors have covered a distance of just under 2,500 km on the test bench. This was supplemented by additional quality tests. We consciously subject our systems to everything we can think of because if they pass our tests we can happily allow them to leave the plant to undergo the daily wear and tear that makes up the daily life of a piece of furniture. Because they will then have proven that they are great, even when under pressure.


raumplus底 轨可以在任何在平面上使用,地毯或瓷砖上;镶木地板或混凝土上;有标记或全新的地方;总之,我们的底轨永远处于工作中。嵌入式底轨可以让房间里面毫无障 碍;平面式底轨的高度也仅为6毫米,丝毫不妨碍自由地行走。无论是单轨道还是多轨道,底轨一直在安全操控着我们的移门,即使在那些老式住宅中崎岖不平的地 面上同样可以做到,除此以外,底轨还能与RAL颜色完美地搭配。